sustainability approachFor ECNP it is important to preserve natural resources and to help achieve a liveable planet by taking a number of environment-friendly initiatives. 

Since we are becoming more and more paperless, all information of the congress can be found in the ECNP app, the congress website and onsite at programme look up terminals. If participants wish to receive a printed version of the supplement of the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP), they can buy a copy at the congress.

We are happy to collaborate with The Bella Center Copenhagen, which is aware of the impact it has on society and the environment and strives to affect its surroundings positively, basing its work on the concept of Responsible Hospitality. For catering, this means that it adheres to a set of principles to ensure that food and beverages are purchased on a sustainable basis. For example, they use seasonal ingredients for their dishes and, if possible, work with local producers within a radius of 300 km. They set high standards for their suppliers with regard to animal welfare and the environment. They are proud to serve Orang Utan Coffee, meat from Grambogård, chicken from Hopballe Mølle and fish that has been sourced with care. To discover more, click here.

Furthermore, ECNP has decided to organise a Meatless Monday, which is an international initiative to decrease meat consumption and in that way help the planet.