Childcare service

It is no longer possible to register your child(ren). The deadline was 22 August.

ECNP provides full-service childcare at the venue throughout the congress.Nordic Poppins logo

While you are attending the sessions, we can take care of your child(ren).

A professional childcare agency, Nordic Poppins, has been hired for this service.

The multilingual team will create a safe, creative and fun environment for all children aged 0-12 years old. They will provide a full range of play equipment and toys to let the children enjoy themselves throughout the day. There will also be a relaxing space where children can calm down or sleep during a long day.
TECNP free childcare servicehe children will experience a wide section of activities, including crafts and arts, music, party games, free play and story time. They get to choose which activities they want to do. If needed, you can also order lunch and/or dinner for your child(ren).

All the childcare workers have their certificate to work in a day care centre and are experienced in working with children of all ages.

Please note that this service is provided to the congress delegates free of charge.