Love Your Brain - It’s about healthier brains!

ECNP’s reason for being – and the basis of everything we do – is to advance the science of the brain, in order to facilitate better treatments, so that we can improve human brain health. But it’s not just about treatments. Brain health also means the prevention of illness and the encouragement of active, healthy and brain-friendly lifestyles that optimise brain function and resilience.

At this year’s congress we have a range of sessions on brain health including the Tuesday morning Campfire Session “CA.07 – Facing the burnout in healthcare professionals” by Evangelia Demerouti where we specifically discuss the risk factors of burnout in professionals in psychiatry, the preventative strategies that can be adopted and what to do when the burnout is already on place and also the Tuesday afternoon Career Development Session “CD.03 – A family-friendly science career: just a dream?” by Elisabeth Binder. To complement the scientific programme, we’ve also launched a series of activities to put brain health at the centre of the ECNP Congress.

Run with the president
It’s a run, not a
On Sunday morning ECNP president Celso Arango will lead a recreational 5 or 10 km run through Amager Fælled, a 40 hectare large urban nature area close to the Bella Center in Copenhagen. All congress participants – of whatever sporting level – are invited to join.
Date: Sunday 8 September
Time: 07.00-08.00
Start and end: Congress venue (Bella Center)
Limited number of showers are available at the Spa of the AC Hotel Bella Sky Hotel.
It is no longer possible to register. The deadline was 1 September 2019.


Start your day in a relaxed way.
Every morning we’ll be running mindful wake-up sessions with professional yoga instructor Sarah Emilie Boas, co-founder of The Yoga Flat. The sessions yogaare for people of all levels. Yoga mats are provided.
The sessions are with a gentle practice of breathing techniques, soft poses to open the body and guided meditation, intended to help you start your day as mindfully as possible.

Dates: Sunday 8 September, Monday 9 September and Tuesday 10 September
Time: 07.45-08.45
Location: Room B4
Max. 25 participants per session, first come first served.
Please kindly note that no dressing rooms are arranged but toilets are available nearby the room.

Love Your Brain Sessions
This year at the ECNP 2019 Congress, you can join three special sessions dedicated to the love for the brain in a journey throughout nutrition, meditation and images.
In the first, we will discuss about obesity: is it a choice? Some of the signals which our brain senses to influence food intake comes from our gut. We will discover more about with the help of a full-sized knitted human gut!
In the second session, we invite the participants to experience, also in practice, the benefits of mindfulness and meditative practices to reduce stress and to promote mental health.
If you could represent the beauty of the brain with one image, what would that be? In the third session, to celebrate this beauty, selected images of the brain produced with advanced techniques or any form of art by neuroscientists of the ECNP Community will be presented and give colour to our congress.

Brain food
A balanced diet is important for your brain.
We’ll have healthier snacks on hand for busy congress participants, including fruit and raw bars, as well as a salad option for lunch. Look out forBrain food the ‘Love Your Brain’ logo, indicating the brain-healthy options.

Recharge zone
The ECNP Plaza is the place to relax, unwind and recharge.

The ECNP mission: to advance the science of the brain, promote better treatment and enhance brain health.