Industry activities 

15 December 2019

Application deadline industry sessions
Exhibition application initial deadline

1 February 2020
Assessment of industry sessions 

1 March 2020

Space assignment (exhibition) for initial deadline applications
Final time slot of industry sessions

1 April 2020 

Submission abstracts for posters
Uploading biographies of faculty for industry sessions
Outline submission of speaker’s and programme for industry sessions

15 April 2020 

Final version of programme industry sessions

April 2020

ECNP Industry Manual published

1 June 2020

Final stand drawing (exhibition)

1 July 2020

Exhibition application final deadline

1 July 2020 

Application deadline Industry Views, unrestricted educational grants, banners, flyers and brochures
10 July 2020
Sending in digital materials banners, flyers and brochures 

1 August 2020

Final invitation pdf of industry sessions

26 August 2020

Group registration final deadline

30 September 2020 

Sending in digital materials Industry Views