Communication Committee

Members 2017-2020
Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands, chair
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany (Editor-in-Chief ENP)
Jaanus Harro, Estonia
Kamilla Miskowiak, Denmark
Iria Grande, Spain

Purpose and Goals
The Communication Committee gives direction to ECNP’s presentation in the public arena, ensuring that the College’s mission is translated to the ECNP community, its wider circle of stakeholders, and the media. The committee also develops general publication policy within the domain of scientific and educational activities and considers new (e-)publications of a scientific and/or educational nature.

The term of service is three years. The chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), the chair of the Educational Committee and the editor-in-chief of European Neuropsychopharmacology are ex-officio members.

The Communication Committee’s tasks are:

  • To advise on how ECNP can better communicate high-quality science both within and beyond the scientific community.
  • To oversee ECNP’s media strategy, and provide direction to ECNP’s press officer Tom Parkhill.
  • To develop general guidance and policy for ECNP’s publishing and communications activities.
  • To consider new (e-)aspects of a scientific and/or educational nature, including outreach to non-scientific audiences.
  • To oversee ECNP’s presentation to the outside world, including to policy-makers (public affairs) and the media (public relations).

Time commitment
The Communication Committee meets as a committee twice a year, during the Nice suite of meetings every March and at the ECNP Congress (September/October). Additional meetings may take place by teleconference as needed.

In return, Communication Committee members receive registration, travel expenses and one night’s accommodation at the ECNP Congress.