Application Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP)

Welcome to the application page to join the ECAP, please find further details below.

How to apply
Application is now open. Please send in your letter of motivation and CV to before 20 January 2019. The letter of motivation and CV should each not exceed two pages.
Application requirements
Before you apply make sure you fit the application criteria mentioned below. Please underline the segments of your CV that provide information about the fulfillment of application requirements (e.g. PhD defense date, one of the first-author papers etc.):

- Career stage on 1 April 2019:

  • Clinical track: Post-graduate resident in or max 5 years after initiation of residency (if the training period is shorter in candidate’s country).
  • Research track: (1) PhD student or (2) Maximum 4 years after PhD degree and Postdoc.

- Must be resident in Europe (Europe being the 47 countries of the Council of Europe plus Israel and Belarus)
- Fluent in English (Note: Selection process includes an interview in English)
- Attended one of the ECNP events (School or Workshop or Annual Congress or ECNP Research Internship)
- One first-author paper in a JCR indexed journal
- Able to dedicate 2 hours weekly to the ECAP
- Not older than the age of 40 years
- Must be or become an associate member of ECNP

Advantageous features
Besides the application requirements listed above there are a few advantageous features, although not mandatory criteria, fitting these can increase the likelihood of being selected for ECAP. Amongst other relevant info, please focus on these in your motivation letter. The advantageous features are:

- Concrete ideas about how to improve the implementation of the ECNP aims and objectives (Note: This one is very important!)
- Prior engagement in national or international clinical- or research-related societies
- Prior experience in working in teams and/or discussion groups
- Knowledge about and experience with social media/blogs, etc.
- Attended multiple ECNP events

ECAP member benefits
Being an ECAP member comes with the following benefits:

- Being able to influence and suggest ECNP initiatives
- Networking with top scientists in the field
- Travel to and accommodation at the ECNP annual congress funded by the ECNP
- Possibility to join other ECNP Committees

Follow up
Selected candidates will be invited by ECAP for a short Skype interview. Based on the application review score and Skype interview, the candidates are pre-selected by the ECAP. The final selection will be presented to the ECNP Executive Committee for approval. All applicants will be informed of the final review outcome before 1 April 2019. This is also the date that the new member will start its’ term and will join the ECAP conference calls and psychical meetings: ECAP organises a conference call about every 2-3 months and meet face-to-face during the annual congress.