ECNP Research Internship (ERI)

Research_internshipThe ECNP Research Internship (ERI) is an initiative of ECNP and its Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP), it aims to provide short-term research internship opportunities for early career scientists, across the spectrum of applied and translational neuroscience.

For the 2020-2021 ERI round fifteen research internships will be supported.

A selected group of senior researchers will offer a short two-week exploratory experience in their institutions.
The hosting mentor teaches the intern a basic translational research method which should be implemented at home upon return. The host is encouraged to establish a long term relationship with the intern.

ECNP will fund up to 1,000 EUR to the early career scientist for the entire internship period to cover the travel and accommodation expenses.

Please note

  • It is not possible to apply for an internship if you have already participated in the programme during previous rounds.
  • The ECNP Research Internship is only meant for researchers that fit the ECNP early career scientist criteria.
  • Upon application you will be requested to insert your motivation, including a short summary on what you would like to do in the two-week period, and if your project can be continued when back home.
  • Upon application you will be requested to upload a copy of your passport/identity card and a signed letter from your institute to confirm that you meet the ECNP Early career scientist criteria.
  • The internship is especially intended for early career scientists who do not have this opportunity in their own organisation or country.
  • The initiative aims to provide opportunities for early career scientists, across the spectrum of applied and translational neuroscience: translational internships are therefore valued positively.
ECNP Internship 2018-2019 ECNP Research Internship 2018-2019

All applications were reviewed by the ECNP Educational Committee. Applicants were informed of the review outcome before 1 June 2020.

Host selection
Below you will find a list of senior researchers who will host the internship and also a description of the internship offered. You can read the description by clicking on the names of the individual researchers.

Previous internship experiences