ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe

4-7 March 2021

ECNP-workshopAim of the workshop
The ECNP Workshop aims to stimulate high-quality experimental and clinical research in brain disorders and their treatments by promoting and encouraging the development of early career scientists seeking to pursue research careers in neuropsychopharmacology.
The three-day workshop is a great opportunity for Early Career Scientists in Europe to come together with research leaders to discuss the latest advances and perspectives on specific topics.

Workshop topics
Every year, the workshop focuses on three recurring topics and one variable topic.

The three recurring topics are:

  • Molecular and cellular: New findings in molecular and cellular mechanisms related to the causes, characteristics and control of psychiatric and/or neurological disorders. Cellular, animal and human studies are considered.

  • Behavioural and systems: Novel insights into behaviour and the neurobiological mechanisms and neural circuits underlying its induction, control and coordination. Both animal and human studies are considered.

  • Clinical neuroscience: Recent findings in the field of clinical neuroscience.

The variable topic of 2021 is:

  •  Neuromodulation: Brain-directed treatments utilize the neuroscience of brain circuits. By targeting limited numbers of neurons, neuromodulation techniques as deep brain stimulation, chemogenetics and transcranial magnetic stimulation open new avenues for the treatment of brain diseases.

Within each topic two distinguished scientists will address specific themes, after which there are short presentations by five early career scientists invited to present their research.

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ECNP programme

We offer…
• A platform for 100 Early Career Scientists to meet inspiring speakers and experts in the field and present their research poster in the beautiful city of Nice
• An invitation to 20 participants (five within each topic) to give a short oral presentation on their research during the Workshop
• An opportunity for eight participants to present at the New findings symposium at the ECNP Congress 2021
• An opportunity for eight participants to present during the ECNP’s Got Talent Session at the ECNP Congress 2021
• A Travel Award for 4 runners-up to attend the ECNP Congress 2021
• A chance to get their abstracts published in a supplement to the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology
• Free registration
• Hotel accommodation in a shared room
• Travel subsidy for participants from countries with a developing economy 



Participants of ECNP Workshop 2019.  Read the scientific highlights here.

Experiences from previous workshops
“The ECNP Workshop was an intensive three day thought provoking and intellectually stimulating event in the lavish district of Masséna, Nice. Only early career scientists from various academic institutions across Europe were invited, constructing a highly welcoming platform to gain perspective on their research in the broader context of the neuropsychopharmacology field. The workshop encouraged all delegates to identify and connect with camaraderies beyond your institution, promoting cross-fertilization of research ideas and planting seeds for future collaborations.”
Amy Kao - University of Oxford, United Kingdom

“The ECNP Workshop offers a well-balanced program of state-of-the-art keynote lectures, presentations by emerging young scientists and informal scientific exchange. I really appreciated the opportunity to liaise with leading experts from my field to talk about future research paths and career development.”
Michael Stäblein - University Hospital Frankfurt, Germany 

Previous workshops

Visit our history page for more info about our past ECNP Workshops. For highlights of the 2019 ECNP Workshop read the scientific report.