ECNP Networks

The ECNP Networks were launched in 2007 to address critical and widely recognised shortcomings in Europe’s neuropsychopharmacological research infrastructure. There was no common database available for European researchers to conduct studies into the main psychiatric conditions.

The cooperation that the current networks have now fostered on a scientific, technical and clinical level continues to provide significant research and public health benefits.

The ECNP Networks are lead by the Networks Board with Gitte Moos Knudsen as chair and Nic van der Wee as scientific coordinator.

Applying to join the ECNP Networks

Detailed information on how to submit a new network proposal or join an existing network can be found in the guidelines below.

If you are considering to submit a new network proposal the ECNP Networks Board would like to inform you that they are currently revising the structure for the ECNP Networks. Based on discussions with the current networks and given the topics in the current funding landscapes, the Board thinks we need a more flexible and interactive structure. We aim to go from the current 'silo' structure based on separate individual networks to a more fluid and coherent matrix-structure with probably a new, more rapid and flexible mechanism for involving networks and ECNP members in typical trans-diagnostic themes. Due to this ongoing revision of the ECNP Networks' structure there may be some delay in our response.

Guidelines on how to create a new network

Guidelines on how to become a member of a network