Winners ECNP Poster Awards 1998

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 11th ECNP Congress 1998 - Paris, France:

Poster session P.1  Affective disorders and antidepressants
Poster session P.2  Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics
Poster session P.3  Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics
Poster session P.4  Degenerative and neurological disorders
Poster session P.5  Addiction (No winning posters in this session)
Poster session P.6  Other topics

Please note that the winners are mentioned in alphabetical order of the first author.

Poster session P.1 Affective disorders and antidepressants

The novel 5- HT1A receptor antagonist, robalzotan, reverses the SSRI-induced inhibition of serotonergic cell firing in the dorsal raphe nucleus in the rat
Arborelius, L., Wallsten, C., Ahlenius, S., Svensson, T.H. - U.S.A.

Dissociation of glucocorticoid receptor-heat shock protein (HSP) complex in rat hippocampus after chronic unpredictable stress
Asakura, M., Sasuga, Y., Matsushita, T., Hagiya, T., Bodaiji, N., Hasegawa, H., Osada, K., Imafuku, J. - Japan

Acute stress induces a differential increase of 5-HT-moduline levels in various rat brain areas
Bonnin, A., Grimaldi, B., Fillion, M.-P., Fillion, G. - France

Evidence for rating distortion during study lead-in periods: Implications for study design and outcome
Demitrack, M.A., Landin, R., DeBrota, D.J., Faries, D., Potter, W.Z. - U.S.A.

Adaptations of the central serotoninergic neurotransmission in mice lacking the 5-HT transporter (5-HTT)
Fabre, V., Lacour, C.M., Rioux, A., Hanoun, N., Martres, M.P., Lesch, K.P., Hamon, M., Lanfumey, L. - France

PET-determination of robalzotan occupancy of 5-HT1A receptors in the monkey brain
Farde, L., Andrée, B., Ginovart, N., Halldin, C., Thorberg, S.-O. - Sweden

Chronic lithium alters stress-induced c-fos and AP-1 binding activity in rat brain
Mathé, A.A., Miller, J.C., Jiménez, P. - Sweden

Modulation of serotonin transporter function by brain-derived neurotrophic factor but not ny nerve growth factor
Mössner, R., Heils, A., Stöber, G., Lesch, K.P. - Germany

Comparison of the results of different statistical analysis on the same data set with the aim of showing early onset of action of antidepressants
Niklson, I.A., Reimitz, P.-E. - The Netherlands

5-HT-moduline metabolism in mammalian brain: Identification of two enzymatic activities
Plantefol, M., Rousselle, J.C., Fillion, G. - France

Recurrent brief depression: Clinical and therapautic aspects
Ricci, M., Amore, M., Ferrari, G. - Italy

A European multicenter association study of bipolar and unipolar disorders with dopamine receptor polymorphisms: DRD2, DRD3 and DRD4
Rivelli, S.K., Souery, D., Lipp, O., Verheyen, G., Raeymaekers, P., Serretti, A., Macciardi, F., Van Broeckhoven, C., Mendlewicz, J. - Belgium

Lamotrigine: Spectrum of antidepressant activity in bipolar disorder
Rudd, D., Ascher, J., Huffman, R., Laurenza, A., Astbury, C., Watson, C., Evoniuk, G. - U.S.A.

Double-blind trial of venlafaxine and paroxetine for treatment-resistant depression
Schaeffer, P., Poirier, M. -F., Boyer, P. - France

Chronic pindolol treatment and major affective disorders
Tiihonen, J., Räsänen, P., Hakko, H. - Finland

Poster session P.2  Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics

Frontal dysfunction and neuroleptic treatment: A combined fMRI and MRSI study
Braus, D.F., Ende, G., Weber-Fahr, W., Ruf, M., Stuck, S., Henn, F.A. - Germany

Correlation of brain dopa decarboxylase activity and plasma homovanillic acid concentrations in schizophrenic patients before and under neuroleptic treatment
Davids, E., Heydari, N., Härtter, S., Benz, P., Hiemke, C., Gründer, G. - Germany

Risperidone increases serotonin output in the rat frontal cortex: Role of a 2 and 5-HT1D receptor antagonism
Svensson, T.H., Hertel, P., Nomikos, G.G. - Sweden

Involvement of adenosine A2A receptors in the c-Fos expression induced by clozapine and haloperidol
Wardas, J., Pinna, A., Cozzolino, A., Morelli, M. - Poland

Poster session P.3  Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics

The panic and agoraphobia scale (P&A): An instrument sensitive to differences between treatment modalities
Bandelow, B., Broocks, A., Meyer, T., Rüther, E., - Germany

Drugs acting on adenosine receptors and anxiety in the mouse
El Yacoubi, M., Costentin, J., Vaugeois, J.-M. - France

Venlafaxine XR (V-XR) is an efficacious short- and long term treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
Haskins, J.T., Rudolph, R., Aguiar, L., Entsuah, R., Salinas, E. - U.S.A

Platelet 3H-Paroxetine binding in OCD spectrum disorders
Marazziti, D., Rossi, A., Baroni, S., Palego, L., Masala, I., Giannaccini, G., Lucacchini, A., Cassano, G.B. - Italy

A general population survey on patterns of benzodiazepine use, abuse and dependence in Lebanon
Pélissolo, A., Naja, W.J., Baddoura, R., Haddad, R.S.- France 

Poster session P.4 Degenerative and neurological disorders  

Apolipoprotein E4 allele frequency in vascular dementia in the Hungarian population
Juhász, A., Kálmán, J., Rimanóczy, Á., Császár, A., Kanka, A., Janka, Z., Rasko, I., - Hungary 

Poster session P.5 Addiction 

No winning posters in poster session P.5. 

Poster session P.6 Other topics

A multicenter study on the efficacy and tolerability of levosulpiride in the treatment of somatoform disorders
Altamura, A.C., Ermentini, A., Guaraldi, G.P., Invernizzi, G., Meduri, M. - Italy

Influence of age and gender on cortical 5- HT2A receptor density in healthy subjects measured with SPECT and 123I-5-I-R91150
Baeken, C., D’haenen, H., Mertens, J., Terriere, D., Chavatte, K., Boumon, R., Flamen, P., Bossuyt, A. - Belgium

T-cell tumor necrosis factor-a binding in myasthenia gravis
Bongioanni, P., Ricciardi, R., Pellegrino, D., Boccardi, B., Baldini, C., Chisari, C. - Italy

Prenatal stress induces long-term sleep alterations in adult rats: Implication for depression
Dugovic, C., Maccari, S., Clincke, G., Van Reeth, O. - Belgium

Visual cognitive deficits in patients with borderline personality disorder
Gschwandtner, U., Rauchfleisch, U., Riecher-Rössler, A. - Switzerland

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical-system alterations in aging and depression: Contribution of vasopressin to underlying pathophysiology
Hatzinger, M., Wotjak, C.T., Keck, M.E., Landgraf, R., Hemmeter, U., Holsboer-Trachsler, E., Holsboer, F., Neumann, I. - Switzerland

Effects of acute tryptophan depletion on sleep in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia and healthy subjects
Huwig-Poppe, C., Voderholzer, U., Hornyak, M., Backhaus, J., Kiemen, A., Riemann, D., Hohagen, F. - Germany

OFQ knock-out mice: Behavioral phenotype seems to indicate hopmeostatic compensation of OFQ functional deficits
Jenck, F., Borroni, E., Cesura, A.M., Alberati-Giani, D., Moreau*, J.L., Pauly-Evers, M., Bluethmann, H., Koester, A. - Switzerland

Transcranial magnetic stimulation induces changes in coping strategies and attenuates the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical system in rats
Keck, M.E., Engelmann, M., Ebner, K., Post, A., Henniger, M., Neumann, I.D., Landgraf, R., Holsboer, F. - Germany

Pharmacological characterization of 5-HT2C receptors in human brain
Rossi, A., Marazziti, D., Zavaglia, K., Baroni, S., Masala, I., Giannaccini, G., Lucacchini, A., Cassano, G.B.- Italy

The activating effects of cross-sex hormones on cognitive functioning: A study of short-term and long-term hormone effects in transsexuals
Slabbekoorn, D., van Goozen, S.H.M., Megens, J., Gooren, L.J.G., Cohen-Kettenis, P.T. - The Netherlands

Utilization of medical services in bipolar I disorder
Stender, M., Bryant-Comstock, L., Philips, S. United Kingdom

P. 6.035
Stimulation of group II metabotropic glutamate receptors counteracts parkinsonian-like muscle rigidity
Wolfarth, S., Konieczny, J., Lorenc-Koci, E., Ossowska, K., Pilc, A. - Poland