Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2000

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 13th ECNP Congress 2000 - Munich, Germany:

Poster session P.1  Affective disorders and antidepressants
Poster session P.2  Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics
Poster session P.3  Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics
Poster session P.4  Degenerative and neurological disorders
Poster session P.5  Addiction
Poster session P.6  Other topics

Please note that the winners are mentioned in alphabetical order of the first author.

Poster session P.1 Affective disorders and antidepressants

Association of angiotensin I converting enzyme gene I/D polymorphism with therapeutic outcome in depressive disorder
Baghai, T.C., Minov, C., Schüle, C., Zwanzger, P., Schwarz, M.J., de Jonge, S., Rupprecht, R., Bondy, B. - Germany

Regulation of 5-HT1a and 5-HT4 receptors in rat hippocampus by antidepressants and corticosterone
Bijak, M., Zahorodna, A., Tokarski, K. - Poland

The SSRI / 5-HT2a antagonist YM992 produces inverse effects compared to SSRIs on the firing activity of noradrenergic neurons
Blier, P., Szabo, S.T. - Canada

Effects of the 5-HT2C agonist, RO 60-0175, on the antidepressant drug action in the mouse forced swimming test
Bourin, M., Clenet, F. - France

Pharmacological profile of newly synthesized oxotechnitium ligands for the in vivo imaging of brain 5-HT1a receptors
Drossopoulou, G., Dalla, C., Antoniou, K., Papagianopoulou, D., Pirmettis, I., Maina,
T.H., Papadopoulos, M., Chiotellis, E., Papadopoulou-Daifotis, Z. - Greece

The effect of antidepressant drugs on transcriptional activity of dopamine D2 receptor gene promoter in the NB41A3 cells - In vitro study
Dziedzicka - Wasylewska, M., Goralska, M., Kucharska, A., Sobota, R. - Poland

Significance of the brain mineralocorticoid receptor in stress and stress-related mental disorders
Gesing, A., Bilang-Bleuel, A., Droste, S., Linthorst, A.C.E., Reul, J.M.H.M. - Germany

Imidazoline receptors: Potential markers for depression and targets of antidepressant drug development
Halaris, A., Piletz, J. - U.S.A.

Effectiveness of tramadol as antidepressant in the learned-helplessness model of depression
Micó, J.A., Rojas-Corrales, M.O., Moreno-Brea, M.R., Ortega-Alvaro, A., Roca-Vinardell, A., Gibert-Rahola, J. - Spain

Penetration of antidepressant drug into brain is enhanced in mice with blood-brain barrier deficiency due to mdr1ab P-glycoprotein disruption
Uhr, M., Boll, E., Steckler, T., Yassouridis, A., Holsboer, F. - Germany

Poster session P.2  Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics

Contrasting effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics on neuronal viability and functioning of the anterior cingulate region in chronic schizophrenia: A MRSI study
Braus, D.F., Ende, G., Weber-Fahr, W., Henn, F.A. - Germany

Amisulpride pharmacokinetics: no difference between young and elderly subjects
Canal, M., Chaufour, S., Lavanant, C., Zieleniuk, I., Piette, J.F., Deschamps, C. - France

Efficacy of aripiprazole in psychotic disorders: Comparison with haloperidol and placebo
Carson, W.H., Kane, J.M., Ali, M., Dunbar, G.C., Ingenito, G. - U.S.A.

Amygdala or ventral hippocampal lesions at two early stages of life differentially affect prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response; an animal model of a neurodevelopmental disorder like schizophrenia
Daenen, E.W.P.M., Wolterink, G., Van Der Heyden, J.A., Kruse, C.G., Van Ree, J.M. - The Netherlands

Tolerability and patient satisfaction as determinants of treatment choice in schizophrenia: a multinational survey of the attitudes and perceptions of psychiatrists towards novel and conventional antipsychotics
Hellewell, J.S.E., Gorman, A.P. - United Kingdom

Effects of risperidone and typical antipsychotics on basal ganglia volumes in patients with schizophrenia
Honer, W.G., Lang, D.J., Vandorpe, R.A., Rui, Q., Smith, G.N., Milliken, H.M., Goghari, V.M., Kopala, L.C. - Canada

Brain activation in schizophrenic patients and healthy controls during working memory and mental arithmetic. A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study
Lund, A., Thomssen, T., Stordal, K., Kroken, R., Smievoll, A.I., Barndon, R., Ersland, L., Lundervold, A., Mjellem, N., Egeland, J., Rund, B. - Norway

Evaluation of working memory in functional MR imaging with different memory tasks
Meisenzahl, E.M., Kathmann, N., Heiss, D.T., Zetzsche, T., Hahn, K., Leinsinger, G.L., Möller, H.J. - Germany

Reduced central muscarinic acetylcholine receptor availability in vivo in schizophrenic patients
Raedler, T.J., Knable, M.B., Jones, D.W., Urbina, R.A., Gorey, J.G., Lee, K.S., Egan, M., Weinberger, D.R. - Germany

The effect of atypical vs typical antipsychotic drugs on the results of neurocognitive tests in schizophrenic patients
Rybakowski, J.K., Borkowska, A. - Poland

DU 127090: A highly potent, atypical dopamine receptor ligand - High potency but low efficacy at dopamine D2 receptors in vitro
van Vliet, B.J., Ronken, E., Tulp, M., Feenstra, R., Kruse, C.G., Long, S.K. - The Netherlands

An international survey on information needs of patients with schizophrenia and their carers and management issues most frequently encountered by professional care team members
Waerner, T., Bassi, M., Fleischhacker, W.W., Kissling, W., Linszen, D., Remington, G., Turner, T., Wallace, M., Dubuis, J. - Sweden

Obesity as a risk factor for antipsychotic noncompliance
Weiden, P. - U.S.A.

Poster session P.3  Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics

Improved avoidance learning by oxytocin administration in a high-emotional strain of Sprague-Dawley rats
Ahlenius, S., Hillegaart, V., Uvnäs-Moberg, K., Eklund, M. - Sweden

Separation of systemic physiologic and specific cerebral drug effects in pharmacologic magnetic resonance imaging (phMRI)
Kalisch, R., Elbel, G.K., Schieferstein, O., Auer, D.P., Czisch, M. - Germany

Thalamic blood flow is reduced in OCD responders to fluvoxamine
Westenberg, H.G.M., Ho Pian, K.L., van Megen, H.G.M., Ramsey, N., van Rijk, P.P. - The Netherlands

Generalised anxiety disorder: an insight into the burden on the individual and society
Wittchen, H.U. - Germany

Poster session P.4 Degenerative and neurological disorders 

The targeted disruption of the adenosine A2a receptor in mice reduces hypokinesia caused by haloperidol or reserpine and catalepsy induced by various drugs
El Yacoubi, M., Ledent, C., Parmentier, M., Costentin, J., Vaugeois, J.M. - France

Naftidrofuryl in the treatment of vascular dementia (NaVaDe study)
Möller, H.J., Hartmann, A., Kessler, Ch., Brown, T., Gamand, S. - Germany

A randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with cerebrolysin in Alzheimer's disease
Panisset, M., Gauthier, S., Moessler, H., Windisch, M. - Austria

Increased diagnostic accuracy in Alzheimer's disease by age-transformed hippocampal volumes
Teipel, S.J., Bayer, W., Alexander, G.E., Schapiro, M.B., Möller, H.J., Rapoport, S.I., Hampel, H. - Germany

Neuro-radiological findings and the magnitude of cognitive benefit by memantine treatment. A subgroup analysis of two placebo-controlled clinical trials in vascular dementia
Wilcock, G., Stoeffler, A., Sahin, K., Moebius, H.J. - United Kingdom

Poster session P.5 Addiction

MAO-B activity in early and late alcohol withdrawal
Gönül, A.S., Basturk, M., Kose, K., Sofuoglu, S., Esel, E., Yabanoglu, I., Yazici, C. - Turkey

Serotonin transporter gene regulatory region polymorphism (5-HTTLPR), [3H]-paroxetine binding in healthy controls and alcohol dependants and its relation to impulsivity
Preuss, U.W., Soyka, M., Bahlmann, M., Wenzel, K., Behrens, S., de Jonge, S., Krüger, M., Bondy, B. - Germany

Poster session P.6 Other topics

Effects of psychoactive compounds on network level physiology as measured with a multielectrode array
Colgin, L., Shimono, K., Kubota, D., Takenati, M., Lynch, G. - U.S.A.

The behavioral effects of l-tryptophan and p-chlorophenylalanine in rats with different levels of corticosteroids
Fedotova, J.O., Sapronov, N.S. - Russia

Differentiation between autism and multiple complex developmental disorder in the response to psychosocial stress
Jansen, L.M.C., Gispen-de Wied, C.C., van Engeland, H. - The Netherlands

Reduction of increased striatal dopamine transporter density in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder under methylphenidate- a study with Tc-99m-TRODAT-1-SPECT
Krause, J., Dresel, S., Krause, K.-H., Tatsch, K., Kung, H.F. - Germany

Diabetic neuropathic pain management with venlafaxine extended release
Kunz, N.R., Goli, V., Entsuah, R., Rudolph, R. - U.S.A.

Neuroendocrine regulation in mice deficient for the corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1 (CRHR1): Activation of the vasopressinergic system and involvement of CRHR1 in adrenocortical function
Müller, M.B., Landgraf, R., Preil, J., Sillaber, I., Kresse, A.E., Stalla, G.K., Keck, M.E., Zimmermann, S., Holsboer, F., Wurst, W. - Germany