Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2013

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 26th ECNP Congress 2013, Barcelona, Spain

P.1 Basic and clinical neuroscience

Pro-inflammatory cytokines induce anhedonia in mice and increase monoamine transporter activity in the nucleus accumbens
Van Heesch, F.*; Prins, J.; Westphal, K.G.C.; Korte-Bouws, G.A.H.; Olivier, B.; Kraneveld, A.D.; Korte, S.M.
The Netherlands

BDNF-TrkB mediation of mechanical hyperalgesia in a rat model of chronic neuropathic pain
M'Dahoma, S.; Barthélémy, S.; Michot, B.; Viguier, F.; Tromilin, C.; Pezet, S.; Hamon, M.; Bourgoin, S.*

Cannabinoid-induced actomyosin contractility leads both to rapid and lasting changes in neuronal morphology
Roland, A.; Carrel, D.; Ricobaraza, A.*; Jordan, B.M.; Rico, F.; Simon, A.; Humbert-Claude, M.; Scheuring, S.; Lenkei, Z.

P.2 Affective disorders and antidepressants

Serotonin transporter association between dorsal raphe and ventral striatum is diminished in major depression
Hahn, A.*; Haeusler, D.; Kraus, C.; Höflich, A.S.; Kranz, G.S.; Baldinger, P.; Mitterhauser, M.; Wadsak, W.; Kasper, S.; Lanzenberger, R.

Overexpression of the homeobox Otx2 gene leads to spontaneous fluctuations in manic- and depressive-like behaviour
Jukic, M.*; Avin, A.; Bar, M.; Baron, T.; Zega, K.; Novikov, O.; Kofman, O.; Agam, G.; Brodski, C.

P.3 Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics

Early improvement as a predictor of treatment response and remission in patients with acute schizophrenia: effects of asenapine
Leucht, S.(1)*; Zhao, J.

P.4 Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics

Symptom dimensions modulate amygdala activity in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Via, E.(1)*; Cardoner, N.; Pujol, J.; Alonso, P.; López-Solà, M.; Real, E.; Contreras-Rodríguez, O.; Menchón, J.M.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Harrison, B. 

P.5 Dementia and neurological disorders

Nanoparticles as disease-modifying mediators for brain therapy: focus on Huntington's disease
Godinho, B.M.D.C.*; Ogier, J.R.; Darcy, R.; O'Driscoll, C.M.; Cryan, J.F.

P.6 Addiction

Deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens core affects heroin seeking and impulsivity in rats
Schippers, M.C.*; Gaastra, M.; Mesman, T.; Van Mourik, Y.; Schetters, D.; Schoffelmeer, A.N.M.; Pattij, T.; De Vries, T.J.
The Netherlands

P.7 Child and adolescent disorders and treatment

Differential electrophysiological effects of atomoxetine and methylphenidate on prefrontal cortex and midbrain dopamine neurons
Gronier, B.; Di Miceli, M.*
United Kingdom

P.8 Other topics
No winners in this topic