Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2014

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 27th ECNP Congress 2014, Berlin, Germany

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P.1 Basic and clinical neuroscience
Inducible rescue of NMDA receptor deficiency to measure the plasticity of neural networks
C.A. Mielnik*, W. Horsfall, A.J. Ramsey

Differential effects of prenatal stress in female 5-HTT deficient mice: towards molecular mechanisms of resilience
K. Schraut*, N. Leibold, M.T. Weidner, A.G. Schmitt, K. Förstner, G. Ortega, D.L. Van den Hove, K.P. Lesch

Altered hippocampal glutamate function in people at ultra high risk for psychosis
M.G. Bossong*, P. Allen, C. Samson, H. Rasheed, B. Quinn, I. Bonoldi, G. Modinos, J. Stone, O.D. Howes, P. McGuire
United Kingdom

P.2 Affective disorders and antidepressants
Longitudinal interplay between paroxetine response, cortisol and fatty acid metabolism in major depressive disorder
R.J.T. Mocking*, H.F. Verburg, A.M. Westerink, J. Assies, F.M. Vaz, M.W.J. Koeter, H.G. Ruhé, A.H. Schene
The Netherlands

Aberrant development of monoaminergic neurons is implicated in mood fluctuations and bipolar disorder
M. Jukic*, T. Carrilo-Roa, M. Bar, G. Becker, V. Jovanovic, K. Zega, E.B. Binder, C. Brodski

P.3 Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics
Disrupted effective connectivity of emotional circuitry in schizophrenia: a dynamic causal modeling study
B. Vai*, G. Sferrazza Papa, S. Poletti, D. Radaelli, I. Bollettini, R. Cavallaro, E. Smeraldi, F. Benedetti

P.4 Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics
Intranasal oxytocin modulates neural processing of emotional faces in recently traumatised individuals at increased risk for PTSD
J.L. Frijling*, M. Van Zuiden, S.B.J. Koch, L. Nawijn, D.J. Veltman, M. Olff
The Netherlands

P.5 Dementia and neurological disorders
Flavopiridol, an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 4, reverses cognitive deficits induced by ß-amyloid peptide 1-42
A. Impellizzeri*, G.M. Leggio, R. Pellitteri, M. Spatuzza, D. Puzzo, S. Salomone, A. Navarria, A. Copani, M.V. Catania, F. Caraci, F. Drago

P.6 Addiction
Dynamic epigenetic landscapes define progression to cocaine addiction
G. Yadid*, R. Massart, R. Barnea, Y. Dikhstein, M. Suderman, O. Meir, M. Hallett, P. Kennedy, E.J. Nestler, M. Szyf

P.7 Child and adolescent disorders and treatment
Incentive processing in persistent disruptive behaviour and psychopathic traits: preliminary results of an fMRI study in adolescents
M.D. Cohn*, D.J. Veltman, L.E. Pape, K. Van Lith, R.R.J.M. Vermeiren, W. Van den Brink, T.A.H. Doreleijers, A. Popma
The Netherlands

P.8 Other topics
No winners in this topic