Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2015

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 28th ECNP Congress 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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P.1 Basic and clinical neuroscience
Functional interaction between serotonin 2A and metabotropic glutamate 2 receptors in the regulation of dopamine release in mouse prefrontal cortex
I. Mollinedo-Gajate*, J. Gonzalez-Maeso, J. Meana

Decreased cortical folding in patients with bipolar disorder and psychotic features: an international multicenter study
S. Sarrazin*, J. Mangin, C. McDonald, M. Phillips, P. Brambilla, M. Polosan, J. Linke, M. Wessa, M. Leboyer, J. Houenou

P.2 Affective disorders and antidepressants
No winners in this topic

P.3 Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics
Decreased intrinsic connectivity within mesocortical networks associated with apathy in patients with schizophrenia
P. Xu*, N. Klaasen, E. Opmeer, M. Pijnenborg, E. Liemburg, A. Aleman
The Netherlands

AUT6, a novel Kv3 channel modulator, reverses cognitive and neurobiological dysfunction in a rat model of relevance to schizophrenia symptomatology
M. Leger*, G. Alvaro, C. Large, M. Harte, J. Neill

P.4 Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics
Baseline heartbeat perception accuracy and short-term outcome of brief cognitive-behaviour therapy for panic disorder with agoraphobia
V. Masdrakis*, E.M. Legaki, C. Soldatos, D. Ploumpidis, C. Papageorgiou, P. Oulis

Which brain changes following exposure therapy are associated with long-lasting therapy success? An 8-year follow-up study
I. Lange*, L. Goossens, N. Leibold, B. Vervliet, S. Sunaert, R. Peeters, T. Van Amelsvoort, K. Schruers
The Netherlands

P.5 Dementia and neurological disorders
No winners in this topic

P.6 Addiction
An fMRI study of nalmefene on alcohol effects in reward anticipation in alcohol dependence
A. Lingford-Hughes*, J. McGonigle, I. Mick, D. Quelch, R. Flechais, D. Erritzoe, M. Bolstridge, A. Ramos, D. Meulien, L. Sluth, D. Nilausen, C. Von der Goltz, B. Steiniger-Brach, D. Nutt
United Kingdom

A trip to the unknown: 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (DOC) sold as LSD: study on samples delivered by users asking for substance analysis
M. Grifell*, A. Palma, M. Ventura, I. Fornís, F. Dinamarca, M. Torrens, L. Galindo, P. Quintana, L. González, M. Farré

P.7 Child and adolescent disorders and treatment
Effect of cadherin-13 inactivation on hippocampal processes and hippocampus-related behavior: a mouse model for ADHD?
S. Sich*, O. Rivero, S. Popp, L. Bacmeister, D. Nagel, S. Babl, A. Schmitt, C. Gross, K. Lesch

Results from a phase I proof-of-mechanism study with a vasopressin 1A receptor antagonist in autism spectrum disorder M. Del Valle Rubido, D. Umbricht*, F. Shic, J.T. McCracken, L. Scahill, O. Khwaja, L. Squassante, L. Boak, F. Bolognani, P. Fontoura, C. Wall, R. Jou, R. Loomis, M. Lyons, A. Gavaletz, J. Cowen, T. Apelian, S. Jeste, C. Ferretti, B. Taylor, G. Berlin, R. Noone, L. Antar, E. Hollander

P.8 Other topics
No winners in this topic