Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2016

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 29th ECNP Congress 2016, Vienna, Austria

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P.1 Basic and clinical neuroscience
Ketamine promotes plasticity in mouse-primary and human-iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons via D3R and mTOR signalling
Laura Cavalleri, Italy

Molecular pathways responsible for NMDA receptor-mediated behavioural plasticity
Rehnuma Islam, Canada

The role of the serotonin 2A receptor in the fabric and modulation of personal meaning in lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)-induced states
Katrin Preller, Switzerland

P.2 Affective disorders and antidepressants 

CYP2C19 expression is associated with depressive symptoms and hippocampal serotonin homeostasis impairment
Marin Jukic, Sweden

P.3 Psychotic disorders and antipsychotics
Disturbed DISC1 pathway interacts with adolescent cannabis exposure to produce impaired recognition memory restored by BDNF over-expression: a host-environment mouse model of severe mental illness
Ran Barzilay, Israel

Postsynaptic density protein 95/discs large 1/zona occludens 1 (PDZ) interaction of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in schizophrenia-related behaviours
Florian Freudenberg, Germany

P.4 Anxiety disorders and anxiolytics 

Understanding hypochondriasis: a novel twin study model of potential causal relationships with anxiety and OC-related disorder symptoms
Clara Lopez-Sola, Spain

P.5 Dementia and neurological disorders 

No winners in this topic

P.6 Addiction
P.6.a.009 Genetic and pharmacological manipulation of the cannabinoid receptor 2 modulates ethanol-induced reinforcement and motivation
Francisco Navarrete Rueda, Spain

P.7 Child and adolescent disorders and treatment 

Disorganized amygdala networks in conduct-disordered juvenile offenders with callous-unemotional traits
Moji Aghajani, The Netherlands

P.8 Other topics 

No winners in this topic