Winners ECNP Poster Awards 2018

Winners ECNP Poster Awards at the 31st ECNP Congress 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Age at first episode modulates progressive cortical thinning in individuals with psychosis
Pina-Camacho Laura, Spain
Psychotic disorder; Neuroimaging - Method

Imbalance in the deployment of neural resources during visual working memory encoding in schizophrenia as a possible intermediate phenotype
Stäblein Michael, Germany
Psychotic disorder; Neuroimaging - Method; Neuropsychology - Method

Rapid anxiolytic effects of 5-HT4 receptor agonist involves prefrontal cortex-brainstem neural circuit recruitment
Faye Charlene, France
Anxiety - Disorder; Animal models - Method; Pharmacology - Intervention

The effects of relaxin-3 knock down neurons on body weight and food intake in female rats
De Avila Dal'bo Camila, Canada
Eating disorder; Stress related disorder; Anxiety - Disorder

The early antidepressant-like effect of deep brain stimulation: patterns of activity and their modulation by analgesics
Perez Caballero Laura, Spain
Mood and bipolar disorder; Animal models - Method

Early-life stress affects microglia, possible modulation by dietary fatty acids
Reemst Kitty, The Netherlands
Stress related disorder; Neuro-inflammatory disorder; Lifestyle and nutrition – Intervention

Increased perseverative errors during probabilistic reversal learning using cathodal high definition transcranial current stimulation
Albein-Urios Natalia, Australia
Neuromodulation - Intervention; Healthy brain

Microarray study of the effects of a chronic high-fat diet on a brain-specific interleukin-6-deficient mouse
Fernandez Gayol Olaya, Spain
Genetic & molecular approaches - Method; Animal models - Method; Biostatistics & computational method